About Us

Firm Foundations Australia (FFA) is a division of ie Smart Solutions that was created to bring specialist expertise in business growth & sustainability focused specifically on law firms.

ie Smart Solutions has been consulting since 2000 and has worked across a range of industries including Logistics, Health, Finance, Government, Fresh Produce, Recruitment, Procurement and Law. ie Smart Solutions has worked with legal practices since 2005.

Harle McGeachie is the Director and Senior Consultant of both Firm Foundations Australia and ie Smart Solutions.

Harle McGeachie

Harle McGeachie commenced his career in the engineering field and then moved into supply and logistics management where he worked in a number of manufacturing and service sectors. During this time he developed very strong process skills, system knowledge and experience, analytical skills and benchmarking skills.

Harle then moved to the Health industry where he has worked at facility and national levels in logistics, operations and executive management roles. Harle has lead several major projects including full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system development and implementation all of which required outstanding change management and project management skills.

Harle has worked in the consulting arena since 2000 where he has specialised in the areas of Business Growth and Improvement. Harle has also had extensive hands on experience with Business & Quality Management Systems; Change Management; Project Management; Operations; Procurement and Supply Chain Management; Process Design and Reengineering.Harle seeks to find tailored and innovative solutions supported by workable implementation strategies.

Harle commenced working in the Legal sector in 2005 and has seen extensive growth and sustained profitability with the firms he has worked with. Beyond the legal sector, Harle continues to work across a number of sectors in the Health care industry with hospitals (public and private), manufacturers and distributors. He also works with organisations in the finance, retail, utilities and government sectors.

Harle’s strengths are diverse, but focus primarily on taking a strategic view to the organisations needs and translating that into operational and productive models through process and system implementation, along with executive and management coaching.

FFA Mission

Our mission statement is simply “creating foundations for your business success”.

Our mission at FFA is to help small to medium sized law practices achieve business success through the development of strong business foundations and quality business management systems. We see your business success as increasing or sustained profits year on year. (Depending on your goals for your business)

FFA Values

The things we value most for our business and our clients are:

  • Honesty
  • Service Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Continual Improvement