Client Satisfaction

You have a relationship with your clients, and whether they are individuals or companies, they expect you to add value to that relationship.

  • Do your clients feel that you value you them?
  • Do they feel that you listen?
  • Do they feel like you value their relationship, not their transactions?
  • What do they think of your services?

Firm Foundations Australia helps you find the answers to these questions that help you maintain the important relationship with your client. We provide a simple service for your law firm:

  • Online surveys for your clients’ feedback and their convenience.
  • Monthly Reporting to support your ongoing Business Improvement & Marketing Strategies.

If you value improvement in your business, then you value what your clients think. Using Client Satisfaction Surveys to get feedback from your clients is the first step in knowing whether you are meeting their needs and perhaps more importantly, whether you are meeting their expectations.

Many firms already use mailed surveys to gain this feedback. Firm Foundations Australia allows legal practices to give their clients a link to a fully branded online survey that they can use to gain valuable feedback. In this day and age it is quite easy to produce on line surveys for your clients, but we take this one step further and makes it seamless for your client but the real value for your law firm is the monthly reporting of Client Satisfaction and Feedback allowing you to see trends and identify where improvement activity needs to be focused, and to allow you to “harvest” client comments for your marketing testimonials.

In addition to seeing the details of each completed survey at the end of each month, you receive each month:

  • Overall levels of client satisfaction.
  • Focus on any areas for improvement where their clients have not been totally satisfied
  • Highlight of any trends of specific solicitors that could maybe use some mentoring in a few key areas.
  • A list of Testimonial Comments for firms to cut and paste into your website or other marketing material

As our client base grows, Firm Foundation Australia intends to introduce benchmarking reports of satisfaction across all of our law firm clients to enable you to see how you are performing compared to the total industry as well as other firms of similar size and practice areas.

Since word of mouth is the most effective and cheapest form of advertising, high customer loyalty and engagement translate directly into savings, sales growth and profits. For legal practices offering services to individuals, you might not provide services to that client again, but if they saw that you valued their relationship, they will be an ongoing advocate amongst the people they know.

How It Works

We set up an individual Client Survey for your firm. It is branded with your logo and carries the text that you want to convey to your clients. We have example text you can choose from but ultimately this is your survey.

We will include any questions that you would like feedback on. We have a standard set of questions that we generally use (and this will allow benchmarking with other firms) but we will customise any questions that you like. We can also add/subtract questions if you would like feedback on a particular area for a specific time period.

We provide you with a link to email or SMS to your client at either the conclusion of a matter, or at other times when you think it is appropriate. The link is quite bland and generally includes your law firm name to reinforce your branding. For example a link for a survey for "XYZ Legal" would typically look like The survey page itself is branded with your logo.

At the end of each month, you will receive a list of all the surveys received and their responses as well as a report that details:

  • The overall mean trend of Satisfaction for all questions
  • Mean trend for each question
  • Details on any responses less than satisfactory
  • Details on all comments provided by clients (with their permission to publish the data). These can be used for your website testimonials or other marketing material
  • Comments on areas for improvement
  • Identification of any individual solicitors that have less than satisfactory responses (Identifying to you training/mentoring opportunities for them)

Contact us today to get quick and effective feedback for not only your marketing advantage but to know where to focus your improvement activities and maintain those crucial relationships with your clients.