Managments Systems

Developing a Business Management System

FFA works with legal practices to develop Business Management Systems using our CLEAR2 ApproachTM. As we help you develop a Business Management System for your legal practice, we will ensure it will also meet the requirements of LAW 9000 should your firm desire to seek accreditation.

Some examples of  Business Management Systems created by FFA are simple to use and have been  based on mapping the basics of each firm. They typically use a tile based diagram as shown below to link the processes and forms that the practice uses as part of its business.


All of the processes, forms, charts and logs used within the Business Management System are hyperlinked to ensure easy access and navigation for all of your staff.

The Business Management Systems are typically loaded onto your network, or if you have an intranet can be run on your intranet. For an obligation free demonstration of an example Business Management System please contact us.

Accreditation to LAW9000 / ISO9001

Developing a Business Management System is just good business sense that should give you the confidence:

  • That your business has a framework to allow it to perform consistently
  • To ensure effective Risk Management is in place for your business
  • That your business has a clear focus on clients and their needs
  • That your business has effective management involvement and direction
  • That your business involves and includes your staff in producing consistent performance
  • That gives your business a platform for ongoing profitability and saleability

Beyond implementing a Business Management System you may wish to look for certification as a LAW9000 quality management system. Further benefits of seeking LAW 9000 Accreditation are:

  • Reduced Professional Indemnity Insurance (10% Reduction)
  • Demonstrate confidence to clients of your staff’s and your firms expertise
  • Demonstrate confidence to clients that they are getting value for money
  • Demonstrate to your clients that they are dealing with a firm that listens to its customers