CLEAR Approach

balance.jpgStage Two Business Management System

At FFA we use our Balanced FoundationsTM methodology to develop strong Business Foundations and then use CLEAR2 ApproachTM to tailor a Business Management System specific for your firm. We develop a clear plan for each firm and then work with staff within the firm to implement a fully integrated Business Management System.

Our CLEAR2 Approach™

  • Create Foundations.
  • Leverage Success.
  • Evaluate Performance.
  • Action.
  • Review.
  • Reward.

CREATE Foundations:

The 1st step is to create the foundations using the Balanced FoundationsTM methodology. i.e. Making sure the business has in place Mission, Vision, Values, Strategic Plan, Annual Business Plans and Goals, and Connected People.


We help you leverage success through process in two main ways:

  1. Leverage Your Success: We identify the processes that are already in place that already produce good results for you.
  2. Leverage Our Success: We help you identify gaps in your business processes that we help tailor processes to suit your business.

EVALUATE Performance:

Having good foundations and successful processes in place is meaningless unless you are regularly monitoring how your business is performing. We work with you to make sure you have a balanced set of measures that cover the main deliverables of your business. To ensure a balanced approach we would typically recommend measures on the following areas of your business: Service (to your clients), People (your staff), Marketing & Growth, Quality and Profitability.

The ongoing monitoring of these measures should also give you confidence that your business plan actions are achieving what you intended them to achieve.


There are two main areas where you need to have focused action:

  1. Business Action: Many firms have strategy and business plans in place but fail to execute them. A Business Plan brings Alignment with your Mission and Vision. Ensuring you have effective measures in place means you are able to bring Accountability. The remaining step is to ensure execution through Action. Alignment, Accountability and Action are the secrets of execution.
  2. Improvement Action: A focus on continual improvement is at the heart of a business management system. A healthy business management system incorporates a continual cycle of review and identification of what needs improving with focused follow through action to ensure that it does improve. It’s no good just talking about improvising, you need action to ensure things change.


The first four components of the CLEAR2 ApproachTM, (Create Balanced FoundationsTM, Leverage Success, Evaluate Performance, and Action) forms the main components of your Business Management System.

The next to last component is to ensure that you have a continual Review process to look at both desirable and undesirable performance. Review ensures that your Business Management System is not a one off exercise to a fixed destination, but a continuously evolving journey of improvement to sustain and grow your business.


The whole intent of a Business Management System is to bring you the confidence that your business will realise the intended results of its Mission, Vision, Strategy and Business Plans. After all, they are the “WHY” of your business. You, your business, your staff and most importantly, your clients are rewarded when your business is delivering on its “WHY”.